Jane So that was it! He point-blank refused to get a job! So I broke off the engagement. Joshua Tolson really is the most infuriating person!
We haven't really fallen out, I still like Josh, who wouldn't, just a difference of opinion, a mutual parting of the ways. We are still friends and he might still be of use to me, in fact I can think of at least one way right now! He really is so easily swayed. And then there's Ellingham, the young idiot's manservant! They say he comes from a family of butlers to royalty. He really is the bee's knees, though I'm not sure he approves of me and you can tell he sees his position with the family as a bit of a come-down! I learned today that Josh has written a damned book about that silly Liz Manson episode. No doubt Ellingham has used his influence somewhere to get it published. I don't suppose it will show me in very good light!