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Tolson Cars are pleased to announce their latest two seat sports model spearheading the range

Our Pedigree

Walter Tolson, founder of Tolson cars; used the experience he gained repairing and servicing vehicles of all kinds in the great-war, to set up a repair garage in the village where he was born. Dissatisfied with the often mediocre quality of the vehicles he was asked to work on he build his first car in an outhouse at his home in 1922.
Affectionately known as "The Old 'Un" the vehicle still exists in the place where it first drew breath. Initially built because W.T. couldn't afford a car of the quality he desired, "The Old `Un" both proved his technical skill and intrigued two local friends. The second and third models were built for them; each slightly different to suit their taste.
The car was put through many miles of testing, driven both by W.T. and his friends; proving the quality of the build. It is true to say that his wife Mary was his greatest fan and could often be seen accompanying him on his many test trips. Apart from the usual puncture of two, and a broken rear spring, admittedly when the vehicle was stupidly overloaded (W.T.'s own words) the car proved amazingly reliable and practically unbreakable.
It was on one of these trips that fate took a hand. Walter and Mary had stopped at an old coaching inn on the outskirts of Oxford, to take tea. A casual conversation with an elderly gentleman set W.T. on the road to manufacture, using a redundant factory built to supply war materials.
Tolson Cars became a limited company in 1927: the rest as they say is history. W.T. is still very much a hands-on boss; frequently seen wandering the production lines, chatting to his staff, listening to their ideas, and rewarding skill and commitment with praise and bonus.
From the first, W.T. has believed that mechanical perfection, desirable as that is, is not enough. The product must also LOOK RIGHT. Design is a two edged sword, if it's not pleasing on the eye - customers won't buy!
The Mk 14 Super Sports is certainly pleasing on the eye as our sales figures prove. Current waiting list: two months.