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In "The Killing of Cristobel Tranter", my first detective novel, I introduce you to young police officer William (Will) Dexter. Will is eager to tell you about the case surrounding his discovery, of murder victim Vicky Smedley, his part in the solving of the case and as an added feature an insight into his early life.

Creating a plot that faithfully captures the era has been a demanding experience. All of the technology that we take for granted today was in its infancy. Perhaps even some of the values of the period are slightly at odds with those of today, but I feel that only adds to the charm.

It is a few minutes after midnight on the first of September 1929. Young police constable, Will Dexter, still in honeymoon period of his dream career, finds the murdered body of Vicky Smedley, a young prostitute in a yard of slum houses.

The local CID takes charge, and Will returns to normal policing duties. Even before the story hits the local press, a more news worthy event rocks Crammingdon, a city in all but name, to its core.

Another murder, in similar circumstances, a few days later, begins to point the finger of suspicion in an uncomfortable direction for one of the local gentry.

When Will, is injured in a car crash weeks later, it starts a chain of events that sees him playing a major part in the investigation, and puts him in the thick of the surprise and bloody ending.

Death in the Back Row
Eager young copper Will Dexter is embroiled in a suspicious death linked to a top-secret project involving industrial espionage.
Investigations suggest that several suspects could benefit from the death of the victim.
One thing is for sure, if it was murder, it entailed the use of a very clever and unusual weapon!

As you can see. I have Left my old friends Josh Tolson & Ellingham, (Click here to view) to get up to new adventures that no doubt I will record in due course. Giving me the opportunity to create a few new characters from the fascinating period of the 1930's.