Dennis Talbot
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The clues in the case point towards the son of a local bigwig
the Chief Constable asks DI Brierly to "look elsewhere".
Clearly what seemed a natural
death would be of benefit to
several parties ....
A shoebox full of pound notes donated to the local church turn out to be forgeries ...
Josh Series Amazon - 5 stars! An outstanding, gripping novel that is a MUST READ Brilliantly written and easy to read, "The Killing Of Cristobel Tranter" is hopefully the first of many in the series of "A Whitecross Yard Murder" books. Without a doubt this is a novel that should be on the top of your list to read. The author Dennis Talbot holds a gripping plot from start to finish.
Is Jenny lying injured somewhere or has she fallen into the nearby canal ... A crashed car, a badly burned
and unrecognizable body - is it just a sad and tragic accident?
Walter Trimble DFC was a war hero, an author - and a heartless fraud ....