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Tolson MK14
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Look Lively, Ellingham

Dennis Talbot

It's the 1930's, the middle of the Art Deco period. People of all ages and incomes are determined to have a good time and things aren't too bad if you have a bob or two and no need of a job.
It was a time before computers and mobile phones; if you needed to get in touch with someone fast the only way was the telegram boy on his BSA Bantam motorbike.

Josh has actually fallen head-over-heel for Liz Manson. The problem is, it was love at first sight, and he wasn't able to speak at the time. Finding her again is his major task, even though Jane has found him a task of her own.

As things go from bad to worse, there's only one answer; call in Ellingham Josh's manservant/wonderworker to sort it all out. A task he sets about with a will especially as his own cosy life style looks to be threatened. But can even he counteract the pull of a powerful lady?

In the brilliant Jeeves and Wooster books P G Wodehouse saw no need to tell us where Bertie got his money; he simply had it - no questions asked. Josh Tolson is perhaps the first of a new generation, a son of the new money made in the aftermath of the Great War, as the First World War was then known. Ellingham, the son of a butler to one of the minor royals' has had to seek employment where he can and this has meant with the son of the car manufacturer, Walter Tolson. Ellingham finds the fact a little, just a little, beneath him; though of course duty requires that he does his best!
The story starts as the latest offering from the factory - the "Tolson MK14 Super Sports" has just been launched
Enough of me — have a look what the characters have to say!